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**Therapiece: De-isolation.**

In 2019 and at the start of this year we developed Therapiece to being viable – now I think we are entering a new stage of growth – sustainable, we don’t want it to go viral (-!!-). In a nutshell Therapiece is about your creative mind helping to express the way you feel.

The vision of the Social Enterprise, in some shape or form a Community Interest Company, is to develop some of the technology which will help Therapiece survive and thrive. These ideas are still being developed but the intent is to create a community of likeminded people.

At the heart of the Therapiece vision are people and how creativity and expressing our emotions are key in Wellbeing. At present we have suspended all physical meetings and are only having meetings over the internet – our chosen tool is Zoom which is like Skype but facilitates many aspects of Therapiece. In particular the Author or Creator is in charge of their time to communicate with the others in the group. Equal time and non-judgmental contributions are the other key aspects. Zoom allows for smaller subgroups to co-exist so Therapiece groups will remain between two and five people per meeting even as we grow. Trust in each group is a fundamental part – and engenders the creativity and expression of feelings.

Therapiece has started with Creative Writing but we believe that it can be applied to other Creative activities – such as Art, Photography, Hand Crafts, Acting and even Cooking.

We work with a system of donations to join Therapiece meetings of £3 (or more) per month but we are now accepting donations if you wish to contribute and not come to any Therapiece meetings. This cost is aimed at covering the running costs of Therapiece but we also want to develop software that will help run Therapiece in a peer-to-peer way.

If you wish to join Therapiece or donate or help in some other way then please reply to this email / post or use the link on the Website:-


There are more ways to fight isolation than Therapiece but think about it as one way to stay mentally healthy.

Thank you


Please forward this email to anyone who might benefit from de-isolation now.

Please check out the Web site for the framework and background to Therapiece.


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