Ethos & Golden Rules

Therapeutic Creative Writing – Therapiece ethos sheet

Golden Rules

  • Equal time for all.
  • Author always in charge – encouraged to outline contract at the start.
  • Reflective listening in authors sessions – foster a culture of respect.
  • Stick to the session structure, stick to the author’s contract, stick to contributions on authors’ topics, avoid advice giving.
  • Non-judgmental contributions but can include positive listener/reader views.
  • Self-responsibility in order to support others – ensure you are well enough in terms of attention.
  • No intoxication at meetings (alcohol or recreational drugs).
  • Confidentiality – what is discussed in the group stays in the group

Example non-judgmental interventions/contributions

  • Is this part of a bigger project/piece?
  • Do you want to focus on plot/character/description?
  • Are you writing from experience? (debatable if this is non-judgemental)
  • Do you want to explore character X?
  • Do you want readers to like character Y?
  • Author may use self-interventions eg please may I have attention switch
  • Judicious use of co-co interventions eg Action planning, ID Check, Scanning etc
  • …..many others

Feedback 1 min (2 mins with attention switch) feedback by the author

  • Do I want an attention switch?
  • Would I do it differently – eg choose a different contract?
  • Did I get out of it what I wanted?
  • Did the session follow the ethos of the group – Author in charge, listening, safety, no advice, creativity?
  • Could my Listeners have done things differently? 

Membership and Joining

  • Open to all who write in English
  • Members are expected to uphold the Golden rules (ie adhere and remind other members if necessary)
  • Members are expected to engender “the safe feeling” of the group
  • New members may attend two meetings before they formally join the group by affirming that they will stick to the rules and ethos of the group.

Version 2 6-Sep-2019